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Choosing your Implant Profile

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There are several different breast implant profiles. There are two major manufacturers of breast implants with proven safety and quality standards. Both Mentor and Allergan make several different profile breast implants. The profile of the implant refers to the amount of outward projection an implant can provide given the same implant width.
The two major manufactures of implants are Mentor & Allergan:



Moderate Profile Breast Implant

Moderate Plus Profile Breast Implant

High Profile Breast Implant


Style 10 Breast Implant

Style 15 Breast Implant

Style 20 Breast Implant

Style 45 Breast Implant

So in essence there are Medium, Large, Extra Large, and for rare cases XXL implants that can be used. Most patients fall into the choice between moderate plus / Style 15 Implants or High Profile / Style 20 Breast Implants. Patients that want a more conservative result should opt for moderate plus implants. High Profile implants are better suited for patients that have sagging / ptosis (possibly from pregnancy) or who desire a fuller appearing breast shape.

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