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Above or Under the Muscle

Many women and their plastic surgeons face the decision of whether to place breast implants above or under the muscle. We have outlined a few of the differences between the two options for your breast augmentation surgery.

Subpectoral Breast Augmentation

Under the Muscle or Subpectoral Breast Augmentation

  • Saline breast implants have more flexibility with their fill volume than silicone breast implants
  • There is less pressure to the overlying breast tissue when the breast implants are placed under the muscle
  • Breast Augmentation under the muscle is the most common technique with excellent results and track record
  • Breast Implants under the muscle can have implant distortion when contracting the pectoralis muscle in women who are muscular


Subglandular Breast AugmentationAbove the Muscle or Subglandular Breast Augmentation

  • Placement of an implant above the muscle can create more upper pole fullness and cleavage
  • Patients with deflated breasts after pregnancy or breast ptosis / sagging can sometimes avoid a breast lift if the implant is partially or completely placed above the muscle
  • Breast Implant rippling or wrinkling can be more pronounced if the implant is placed above the muscle
  • Patients must have an adequate amount of breast tissue to be a candidate for subglandular breast augmentation surgery
  • Placing large implants above the muscle can cause loss of volume to your native breast over time and may eventually require you to have revision surgery, including a breast lift

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