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Jacksonville Breast Augmentation

During your personalized consultation, Dr. Desai will discuss the various options for breast augmentation. A complete medical history will be obtained and current breast dimensions will be assessed to help guide the appropriate breast implant selection for your body type.

After taking your measurements, at Florida Plastic Surgery Group, you will be guided through an individualized sizing program that will allow you to try on different size implants. Dr. Desai will take into account your size request, your body type, and breast measurements before making a recommendation for implant size and profile. By performing a sizing consultation, we have a better understanding of what patients are looking for and, therefore, are better equipped to achieve the look they have dreamed of.

For a complete consultation focused on you as a unique individual, contact Desai Plastic Surgery at 904-262-DESAI (3372) of fill out our contact us form.

You should be aware of some general facts about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery.

  • 1. Breast implants, whether saline or silicone have an excellent safety track record with patient satisfaction greater than 95% Saline Breast Implants versus Silicone Breast Implants
  • 2. Breast Implants do not cause cancer Above the Muscle (Subglandular) or Under the Muscle (Submuscular)
  • 3. According to the latest studies, breast implants do not cause autoimmune diseases or any systemic diseases
  • 4. Patients with breast implants may need modified views (Ekland) mammograms to evaluate their breasts

For more information or to learn more about breast implants, call us at (904)-262-3372 now to schedule your personalized consultation. For more information regarding other cosmetic surgery procedures, visit

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