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Breast Augmentation Questions

Will I have to massage my implants after surgery?

There are different opinions amongst plastic surgeons whether massaging your implants prevents capsular contracture of the breast. There have been no reputable studies demonstrating a benefit, so we do not ask patients to massage their implants as it results in unnecessary discomfort. In addition, if you have textured implants, massaging will be counterproductive as the purpose of the texturing is to allow tissue in growth.

Will I be able to breast feed after a breast enlargement?

According to studies, only about half the women with no prior breast surgery who attempt to breast feed are able to do so. With the inframammary and minimally invasive breast augmentation (transaxillary) techniques, none of the breast tissue or glands are injured. Therefore, if a woman was able to breast feed before, she could continue to after the surgery.

Will I lose sensation in my nipples?

The way your surgery is performed is critical to preserve the sensation to the nipples. The peri-areolar breast augmentation does have a slightly increased chance of changes in nipple sensation. However, all the techniques, if performed properly will result in normal nipple sensation for a majority of women. Patients should note that during the healing process and as the swelling resolves, nipple sensation may be diminished, but generally improves with time.

What is capsular contracture?

Capsular contracture is the hardening of the capsule around the breast that can occur months to years after surgery. There are general 4 grades of capsular contracture, depending on the severity. The result is either one-sided or bilateral breast firmness as well as elevation of the breast mound.

What causes capsular contracture?

There have been no clear cause for the development of capsular contracture, but there is some evidence to suggest that micro-infection of the breast pocket may predispose some patients to develop capsular contracture?

How can capsular contracture be prevented?

There is no fool proof way to prevent capsular contracture of the breast. However, there are number of techniques to minimize the chance of developing capsular contractures. The placement of older generation silicone implants in the subglandular position did result in a slightly increased risk of developing capsular contracture. Therefore, if you choose to have silicone implants, you should discuss placement of the implants in a subfascial or submuscular (under the muscle) position.

In addition, since there seems to be a correlation with bacteria around the pocket and the development of capsular contracture, the utmost attention to sterile technique is important. Our Jacksonville plastic & cosmetic surgery team tries to eliminate any bacteria by using solutions that kill bacteria to wash out the pocket and to coat the implant prior to implant insertion. In addition, the implant is opened and touched by surgeon only after new gloves washed in antibiotic solution are worn and the implant pocket is ready. This ensures almost no contamination from the skin or air.

Can capsular contracture be treated non-surgically?

There are no proven non-surgical means of treating capsular contracture. There have been a number of drugs and modalities that have been used with anecdotal reports of success. A leukotriene inhibitor named Accolate™ has been used by many plastic surgeons, but the potential side effects (i.e. liver damage) outweigh the limited unverified benefit. One of the newer less well-known non-surgical methods of treating capsular contracture in the early stages of its development is the using of transdermal non-steroidal anti-inflammatory patches. Please ask out Jacksonville plastic surgery team for more information.

What is the surgical treatment of capsular contracture?

Generally the implant is removed and the scarred capsule is surgically removed from the breast. The implant pocket is then thoroughly washed with antibiotic solution and the implant replaced. A site change is also frequently performed if the implant was originally above the muscle to help reduce the chance of recurrence of the contracture.

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